Slitting and Additional Services

Slitting and Additional Services


Custom Material Slitting for rolls up to 63 inches wide and 23 inch diameter.

Your material will be carefully cut to your specifications and promptly returned for your use. In addition to custom slitting, rewind conversion is offered to create specialized roll sizes.  We have slit full size rolls of everything from 40 oz heavy duty vinyl to bulk roll soft suede materials.


Rewind Slitter

Slitter_1bThis rewind slitter has the capability to slit a master roll that is 63” wd. x 23” dia. into rolls as narrow as 1.5”. It can slit master rolls that are not evenly wound and do not have consistent thicknesses across the width of the material.







CNC Roll Slitter

Slitter_2bThis is a CNC roll slitter. It can be programmed to slit material that is 63” wd. x 12” dia. into rolls as narrow as 1/2”.







At Foremost Flexible we can provide a wide range of services including slitting, assembly, and cutting for your industrial contract needs. For long and short runs from simple to complex, let us know and we can help you.

In an effort to better serve our customers, Foremost has expanded to offer CNC computerized cutting of individual parts.

Additional Services we Offer:

  • Die Cutting (textiles, plastics, paper, and cardboard)
  • Industrial Prototyping
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Low and High Volume Fabrication
  • Material Sales

Capabilities Include:

  • Roll / Rewind Slitters
  • CNC Cutting Table
  • Die cutting presses
  • Dielectric sealing
  • Specialized Sewing machines (CNC & Surgers)
  • Hot Air Sealing
  • Wedge Sealing

Other Info

Traveling Head Press

Slitter_3bThe traveling head press can cut multiple layers of material using a die which produces uniform parts. This press can accept material that is 62”wd.







Hot Air/Wedge Welder

Slitter_4bThis hot air/wedge welder can be used as a hot air welder for light weight fabric welding applications. The hot air welding is used in the welding of multiple panels to make products such as ventilation tubes, light weight curtains and light weight tarps. When used as a wedge welder, heavier weight materials can be welded together to make large weather resistant products and structures.






Dielectric Welder

Slitter_5bThis dielectric welder is used to weld/seal vinyl and urethane material. It is used in the manufacturing of products that require uniformity and water/air tight welds.