Industrial Scissor Lift Skirting

Industrial Scissor Lift Skirting


A Focus on Safety

As hand injuries remain the most reoccurring injuries in commercial environments, Foremost products are focused on increasing safety for the operator. Foremost Accordion Skirting helps to prevent serious injuries, as well as control expensive downtime and liability costs. Accordion skirts shield hands and clothing from dangerous pinch points on lifts and other mechanical equipment. Accordion skirts also serve to keep dust, dirt, and other debris from obstructing the lift’s vital functions. With the standard safety colors of yellow and black, the multiple convolutions are able to expand and compress to follow the slightest movement of the lift or other mechanical equipment.

What our skirting can do for you:

  1. Reduce pinch point accidents for your operators. Scissors lifts are unforgiving when it comes to pinch point accidents. Without the proper guarding, most accidents result in crushing or severing.
    Our scissor lift skirting and bellows follow the movement of the lift table to ensure protection through the complete cycle of the lifting operation.
  2. Reduce liability exposure for you. Pinch point accidents are the main reasons for workers compensation claims when scissors lifts are utilized. Our accordion skirting and bellows are designed and manufactured to help you reduce your exposure to accidents and increased insurance costs.
  3. Protect the lift mechanism itself. Accordion scissor lift skirting help protect the mechanism of the lift itself by keeping dirt and debris from collecting in the scissors areas. Our skirting and bellows will provide the protection necessary to reduce maintenance and lift failure.

Each skirt is manufactured to your specifications and comes available with:

  • Ventilation panels for smooth operation.
  • Flame retardant 23 ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric for strength and flexibility.
  • Pre-installed spring steel support wires for uniformity and easy shipping.
  • Support straps for easy maintenance.
  • Velcro corner separation for wrap around installation where needed.
  • Multiple attachment options including steel flat bar or Velcro.

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